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Blvk H3ro (pronounced Black Hero) is a Jamaican singer-songwriter hailing from the historic community of Waterford, popularized by iconic deejay Vybz Kartel. This eclectic performer first started playing drums at the age of 8, and by the time he reached 13 he was already a passionate young singer on the choir! As the child of a Minister, it was the music at church that would first excite his creativity, and it was this spiritual upbringing and dedication to service that would play a pivotal role in his later emergence as a messenger for this generation.


His rebellious nature as a youth led him to experiment with new and divergent sounds outside the strict gospel discipline of his household, and eventually this brave quest landed him on stage performing in school talent shows and concerts, channeling Michael Jackson, Kirk Franklin and Sugar Minott. It was during this time as a free-spirited singer that he started to put serious thought and effort into honing his craft, and it was also during this time that signs began to emerge signaling the magical arrival of Blvk H3ro.


After completing his studies and beginning work as a banking professional, he soon found himself unhappy and disillusioned with life on the modern plantation. His creative spirit was depleted, and his dreams began to fade. He mourned for his ancestors and the oppression they faced, and he worried for the future of his generation and those to come. One fateful night a music producer friend threw on a beat for him and suddenly his passion was ignited and words began to flow, bubbling up from deep within. Young JR, as he was known then, soon found himself without a job and without a home, but it was during this testing time that he found his mission, and it wouldn’t leave his mind. Through his gifts he was going to be a hero for his tribe, a Blvk H3ro.


With the formation of the Reggae Soul Band, his hand-picked selection of talented Jamaican musicians, in 2016 Blvk H3ro & Reggae Soul Band rocked the world, successfully completing a festival tour of Europe, making stops at the prestigious Reggae Jam Festival in Germany and the Reggae Geel Festival in Belgium to promote the buzzing single ‘Feet Don’t Fail’ from his debut full-length project. Released in February 2019, his album ‘The Immortal Steppa’ broke barriers for his generation of musical innovators, and set the stage for the world to recognize the dynamic artiste that is Blvk H3ro. He has been selected as a brand ambassador for both Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer respectively, and with each release his powers are intensifying, and his music keep growing in sophistication and clarity. Blvk H3ro continues to solidify his reputation as an artiste of exceptional quality and is now poised for a global breakthrough.

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