Early Life

This life journey for Blvk H3ro began in the community of Waterford in the Sunshine City of Portmore, home of the legendary Vybz Kartel. He is the older of two sons for his father, a Pastor, and his mother who is an Evangelist. The church provided his earliest musical exposure and is responsible for much of the energy in his eclectic sound.

He started playing the drums at 8 years old, and by the age 13 he was singing on the youth choir at church, which provided a space for him to nurture his artistic talents. His musical abilities were further enhanced while he was as a student at Excelsior High School where he became a staple on talent shows and concerts, always seeking platforms to hone his creative gifts. After high school he enrolled at the Portmore Community College to study Information Technology but soon had to withdraw and seek employment at a financial institution in order to support his family and his craft.

The decision to leave corporate Jamaica after only a few years in order to fulfill his purpose as a recording and performing artiste was a key moment in the young singer’s life, and is when he became Blvk H3ro.

Career & Notable Accomplishments

H3ro began his career as a recording artiste in 2012, working alongside independent Label Mhaadboxx Productions (MBP). His first major recognition came through a musical collaboration with Jasoul and polish rappers Full House for the Jewunalia festival in Poland. Not only did it result in the song of the festival, but it also represented the first multi-lingual collaboration in Polish and Jamaican Patwa.

He later released 2 singles, ‘Live This Life’ & ‘Downtown’, which generated considerable buzz among the community of young reggae fans inspiring him to release an autobiographical freestyle on Major Lazer‘s smash riddim for ‘Get Free’ entitled ‘My Story’.

The sound was a hit, resulting in Major Lazer giving official endorsement to the young artiste by posting his remix for their millions of fans to enjoy. It racked up 500,000 plays in a matter of days, inspiring H3ro to release his first collection of recordings in 2015, a showcase of his emerging sound titled ‘Reggae Soul’. That project generated several commendations for songwriting by influential blogs and music industry critics.

The following year in celebration of International Weed Day, more popularly known as 4/20, Blvk H3ro released an EP entitled "THC: The Herb Connoisseur" along with a video for the lead single "Herb" that received over 10,000 views within one week.

In this time H3ro performed at over 20 shows, including The Hauge Festival, Open Ear, Rain Forest Seafood Festival and major fetes at Universities.   

2016 saw the formation of the Reggae Soul Band, a handpicked selection of talented young musicians ready to rock the world alongside Blvk H3ro’.

He and the tribe are currently working on completing a full-length project, title and release date still unknown, but there is already great anticipation building for the arrival of Blvk H3ro.

His power is intensifying with each memorable performance. Every energetic engagement is cementing his reputation as a performing artiste of exceptional quality.

When asked what are his plans for the future of his music he often recites a section of the Jamaican National Pledge: “Before God and all mankind, I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and vigor of my body, so that Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty fellowship and prosperity. Selah!”

Blvk h3ro & reggae soul band


Formed in 2016, this hand-picked selection of musicians collectively represent the new wave in Jamaican sound, providing the sonic landscape for Blvk H3ro to perform his heroic musical feats.


Guitar / Almando Douglas
Keyboard, Sampling / Navar Lewin

Keyboard, Sampling / Oshane Lampart
Bass / Phillip Burton
Drums / Demechi Henry

Percussion / Stephen 'Shaquille' Forbes 



blvk h3ro Live



THC (The Herb Connoisseur)

by Blvk H3ro

In celebration of International Weed Day, more popularly known as 4/20, Blvk H3ro presents THC (The Herb Connoisseur), a musical project dedicated to the Holy Herb.

“It is a joy to share THC with my brethren in these times of Gideon,” says Blvk H3ro, “this project aims to satisfy the craving for upliftment and higher meds at this moment in our story”.

This eclectic collection of next-generation Jamaican music is released one year after the decriminalization of Ganja in Jamaica, but after decades of oppression for those defiant of the regime.

“THC will give you a different vibration and make you look at Herb differently,” he says, “too many people have suffered under the system and I forward in this time to bring a lickle joy, inspiration and creativity, so mek we bussweh!”

The WeedP has original compositions by Blvk H3ro and productions by The Grei Show, BoomDraw, JLL and Greatest. The project also features Leno Banton (son of Burro Banton).

Equiknoxx studios handled most of the recording with additional mixing and mastering done by Shotta Biggs & Kris-Karz.

Blvk H3ro now joins the ranks of his idols Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Sizzla Kalonji, and their diverse musical influences can be felt throughout this WeedP.

The THC Project was officially released on April 20, 2016 (4/20) along with the exciting music video for ‘Herb’.